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Private aviation’s best private jet membership value. No fees, no hidden costs, low markup, and itemized invoices. Attentive, personal service customized to each member’s travel needs. From Paramount Business Jets, established in 2005.

Gold Jet Card
$1MM Black Jet Card

Benefits of our Private Jet Card Programs

Our Private Jet Membership Card offers a pre-paid program that gives you access to the finest and safest private jets in the world with as little as 4 hours of notice. You can charter any size aircraft on a per-trip basis with the least amount of commitment, cost, or long-term agreements. The Paramount Jet Card Membership Program offers a long-term, cost-effective, and flexible alternative to the traditional 25-hour Jet Cards and private jet memberships in the marketplace while earning your business one trip at a time.

You’ll have direct access to your own private aviation advisor and a 24-hour customer support service team, so you can contact us anytime you need. Below you can find an overview of all the benefits that our private jet card programs offer:

Fixed Management Fee
Wholesale Pricing
No Monthly Fees Even if You Don’t Fly (Unique in the industry!)
No Upfront Fees
Transparent Invoicing
Refundable Membership Funds
No Expiration Date

Jet Card inquiry

Become the owner of the Private Jet Card that gives you privileges such as fixed management fees, wholesale pricing, no fees upfront and more.

  • No Fees and funds are secured
  • Fully Transparent Pricing
  • Any Size Aircraft
  • No Hidden Costs and more discounts
  • Personalized Service

The Paramount Jet Card

Our jet card is a prepaid account which can be used to fly worldwide on any available sized aircraft with utmost convenience, safety, and choice.

Emerald Jet Card Gold Jet Card Platinum Jet Card $1MM Black Jet Card
  • Deposit*$100,000
  • Management Rate* (whichever is higher)16% or $1,600
  • Broker DiscountsIncluded
  • Concierge Credits*-
  • Deposit*$250,000
  • Management Rate* (whichever is higher)14% or $1,400
  • Broker DiscountsIncluded
  • Concierge Credits*$250 (Super Mid, Large Jets)
  • Deposit*$500,000
  • Management Rate* (whichever is higher)12% or $1,200
  • Broker DiscountsIncluded
  • Concierge Credits*$500 (Super Mid, Large Jets)
  • Deposit*$1,000,000
  • Management Rate* (whichever is higher)10% or $1,000
  • Broker DiscountsIncluded
  • Concierge Credits*$1,000 (Super Mid, Large Jets)
  • Deposit*
  • Management Rate* (whichever is higher)
  • Broker Discounts
  • Concierge Credits*
Emerald Jet Card


  • $100,000
  • 16% or $1,600
  • Included
  • -
Gold Jet Card


  • $250,000
  • 14% or $1,400
  • Included
  • $250 (Super Mid, Large Jets)
Platinum Jet Card


  • $500,000
  • 12% or $1,200
  • Included
  • $500 (Super Mid, Large Jets)
$1MM Black Jet Card


  • $1,000,000
  • 10% or $1,000
  • Included
  • $1,000 (Super Mid, Large Jets)
**whichever is higher

Why Choose The Paramount Business Jets Card Membership?

Fully Transparent Pricing

Our Jet Card Membership is the only program in the industry that provides a line item of the operator price on the invoice. We earn our clients' trust by transparently delivering the best aircraft options the industry has to offer at the best prices.  

Funds Secured & No Hidden Costs

Jet Card deposits are secured in a separate client bank account and drawn upon on a per-trip basis. There are no initiation fees, no monthly fees, no membership cancellation fees, no expiration of hours, or surprise charges. None. 

Personalized Service

Our friendly and knowledgeable client service team will build a Jet Card member profile and tailor it to your preferences of aircraft size, age, catering, and ground transportation. You’ll have direct access to your own private aviation advisor and a 24-hour customer support service team so you can contact us anytime you need.

Superior and Safe Aircraft

Through the Paramount Network of approved and accredited operators, you will have access to over 4000 private jets. We run safety checks and provide you with reports prior to every flight. We review the safety history and margins of the aircraft, operator, and crew prior to each and every flight. 

No Hidden Costs

Our charter prices are fully inclusive of all costs and charges. Member confirmation is required prior to a decision to incur any additional costs.  

No Fees

There are no initiation fees, no monthly fees, no membership cancellation fees, or expiration fees. Jet card deposits are secured in a separate non-operational bank account and drawn upon on a per-trip basis.

Direct Access

You will have direct access to your own dedicated highly knowledgeable aviation expert, in addition to our customer support team available 24/7.

Worldwide service 365 days a year. No blackout dates.

Fly when you want to where you want, any time you want! Aircraft access is supported by the Paramount Network of approved and accredited operators.

What Is A Jet Card?

A jet card is a pre-paid, debit-style account for accessing business aircraft, allowing card members to book and pay for charter flights using their funds on deposit. Jet card programs typically provide guaranteed access — unlike one-off charter flights — so card members can be assured they have access to an aircraft when required. Jet cards often provide more consistency and a higher level of service than ad hoc private jet charter, as well. Also, unlike charter, most jet cards do not charge repositioning fees — program members are charged only for the time they’re onboard. 

Who Introduced Jet Cards?

Jet cards were introduced in the late 1990s by fractional aircraft ownership companies as a way to promote sales of fractional shares, and attract customers who required less flight time than the minimum 50 hours per year share owners received. As interest in the programs grew, some aircraft management companies and charter brokers that had long offered block charter arrangements (discounted hourly rates for bulk purchases) developed jet card programs of their own, while a few dedicated jet card providers also came to market with cards of their own. 

What Types of Jet Cards Are On The Market?

The first jet cards were denominated by hours of access – most commonly a 25-hour card — providing a set number of flight hours aboard a specific category or model of aircraft at a preset rate. These hour-denominated cards were soon complemented by cash-denominated cards — a $150,000 jet card, for example — that operate on the same principal, with charter flights debited against funds on deposit. 

What Is The Paramount Jet Card Membership?

The Paramount Jet Card Membership is a cash-denominated account card that provides guaranteed access to a curated list of high-quality business aircraft from top fleet operators and the service of our dedicated team of aviation advisors, at costs little above wholesale charter rates. 

Members can choose the best aircraft for each trip; We provide them with wholesale charter quotes directly from our vetted operators. PBJ adds only a small mark-up as our service fee, an amount significantly below standard brokerage mark-ups. Members also receive complimentary concierge credits that can be used for ground transportation and catering.

The Paramount Jet Card never expires and the money on deposit — held in a separate jet card, secure account — is refundable without penalty at any time. 

What Are The Unique Benefits Of Your Card Model?

The Paramount Jet Card provides members with maximum travel flexibility and service quality at a minimum cost, for almost any charter customer’s travel profile. Our program’s three tiers (Emerald, Gold, and Platinum private jet cards) allow members to tailor deposit levels to their individual charter consumption, while also providing discounts and credits pegged to each card’s cost. We also offer the most transparent pricing in the industry: we provide the best wholesale charter quotes from the top, vetted operators directly to members, so they can see the actual costs, along with PBJ’s small service charge.

You might wonder how operators feel about having their wholesale prices displayed to buyers who typically only get to see retail rates. Fleet operators like it. They feel it gives them an advantage in presenting the price directly to the charter customer, without concern for how much a broker will mark it up, affecting their chance of a sale. 

What Are Key Program Details To Compare When Choosing A Jet Card?

Private jet card program plans and details vary widely. This means customers have lots of options in matching their travel profile to a card program’s benefits, but it also requires careful consideration of the rules, limitations, and other program fine points to find the best choice for their needs.

Cost And Value

The hourly rates charged for aircraft (and fees that may be added), the quality of the aircraft, and the services the jet card program delivers can vary substantially. Avoid the temptation to shop by price alone, and compare program rates along with the quality of the card fleet (for example, average age of aircraft, operators’ safety audit ratings) and the program’s services. 

Call Out Times And Cancellation Policies

The time in advance required to arrange a flight — or call-out time — varies among private jet card programs from a few hours to two days or more. The time in advance required to cancel a flight without penalty also varies, as do the penalties, and the advance cancellation times and penalties can be substantial. It’s important to understand how these policies align with your travel profile and expectations. 

Fees And Expiration Dates 

Programs may impose a variety of fees and other costs beyond hourly rates. These can include initiation and annual membership or monthly subscription fees; out of service area fees; and mandatory Federal Excise Tax if not included in trip quotes. Category-specific jet card programs often have restrictions or interchange fees on changing to a different aircraft category for a given flight. Many jet cards have expiration dates after which any unused flight time or funds on deposit may be forfeited. 

Where Does The Paramount Card Program Source Its Aircraft For Members?

Paramount Business Jets sources aircraft from a curated list of some 4,000 high-quality aircraft, from trusted and vetted fleet operators adhering to the highest safety standards. With our jet card’s global coverage — from the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico, to Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia — card members have guaranteed access to a full range of high-quality business aircraft, from turboprops to ultra-long range jets worldwide.

What Are The Hourly Rates Of The Paramount Jet Card Membership?

Paramount Jet Card hourly rates are not fixed. Instead, rates are set for each trip based on the best prices available on the market at the time of booking and will vary by the aircraft type and size, trip routing, market demand at the time of the trip, and other factors. A low, transparent trip management fee is added. Our quotes are all-inclusive; you will never see a surprise addition to the final invoice.

The Paramount Jet Card’s dynamic pricing, in place of fixed hourly rates, is its primary allure. Members can take advantage of empty leg and other discount access opportunities unavailable with fixed rate jet cards, as well as savings during low-demand periods. We believe this model offers the best combination of cost savings and flexibility. Your Paramount representative can advise you on optimum rate options based on your travel needs and schedule.

If you have an upcoming trip, please feel free to contact a dedicated Paramount charter specialist, who can explain what the market and Paramount have to offer, at +1-877-727-2538 Ext. 1. 

How Do Paramount Jet Card Members Know They’re Getting The Best Deal Possible?

Paramount Business Jets is dedicated to finding the right aircraft for each trip, using our skills, relationships, and determination to find the best value for our clients, not what is most profitable for us. When our card program members request a flight, we provide the operators’ wholesale trip quotes, a level of transparency unequaled in the charter community. 

In fact, all brokers are obligated to act as agents for their clients under the Department of Transportation’s “New Rule 295,” adopted in 2019 to end unfair and deceptive practices among air charter brokers. But Paramount Business Jets has wholeheartedly embraced the role of acting completely on our clients’ behalf since we opened for business in 2005. The testimonials posted on this and third-party websites are all from real customers.

What Role Does Safety Play At Paramount?

Our company motto, “Safety is Paramount”, is more than a slogan — Safety is our core principal. Our in-house safety department conducts a comprehensive review and provides members with a safety report on their aircraft and crew prior to every flight. We couple our in-house safety screening procedures with third-party audit service reports from ARG/US and/or Wyvern — independent commercial auditors — providing an additional layer of checks and standards verification. We offer the added assurance of having long-term relationships with trusted operators of vetted, high-quality fleets, many of whom adhere to additional safety certifications, such as IS-BAO (International Standards for Business Aviation Operations), together providing a firm foundation of safety for the Paramount Jet Card Membership.

Domestic Services Area

The United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

International Services Area

South America, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Aircraft Options

When you combine a large selection of the safest operators and aircraft, market competition, industry know-how, and a fully transparent Jet Card model the result is significant cost savings and the ability to choose the right aircraft for every mission.

Below you will find examples of aircraft types typically chartered within their respective category. All jets are operated by certified and pre-screened operators from our preferred network of the safest operators.

Super Midsize Jets

  • 8-9 passengers
  • 5 to 7 hours
  • Enclosed Lavatory
  • Stand Up Cabin

Jet Card Member Reviews

We wanted to thank you for a nice trip yesterday, everything went off without a hitch! As you know the charter jet market is extremely competitive, we probably get 4-5 emails or calls a week from other companies wanting our business, and we wanted to let you know that reason that we don't pay attention to those communications, and stay with Paramount, is because of the fantastic way you take care of us! Funny side note, the catering was from our favorite grocery store in the desert, Bristol Farms - they have great stuff!Thanks again

Mike & Lisa USA

Your company has a new fan! Super job, made my engagement, and the carriervm was superb!

Wayne USA

Yes all is wonderful! The trip was so smooth and great! The pilot and co-pilot were so nice! The food was great and the aircraft perfect size.

Brent USA

We were delighted to work with your company on this occasion. Your service has been carried out clearly and highly professionally. We look forward to having your kind cooperation once again. Many many thanks.

Anna Russia


  • How is your jet card different than any other jet card out there?

    Our jet card is the best private jet card membership in the industry. Straightforward, No fees, Low Transparent Mark up, Expert Representation Since 2005. The Paramount Jet Card offers the best value for your money.  

    We provide a line item of the wholesale operator price on the invoice. It is the first and original 100% transparent private jet card membership on the market.

  • Do you run safety checks on every flight?

    Yes. We run safety checks on every operator, every aircraft, every crew, and prior to every flight. 

  • How many aircraft do I have access to with your jet card program?

    You will have access to a list of over 4,000 of the safest and highest quality aircraft available in the market.

  • Am I charged for taxi time or for pre-flight safety checks?

    No. Only wheels up to wheels down. An all-inclusive charter quote is provided for your approval on a per-trip basis.

  • Can I purchase discounted one-way flights with my jet card?

    Yes. At any given moment, we have access to over 3,000 empty legs, one-way flights, and floating fleets which we review on a per-trip basis.

  • How is your jet card able to offer the best jet card membership price?

    Qualified operators will compete for your business and we pass on the savings to you.

  • Who do you represent in the marketplace?

    At Paramount Business Jets, we do not represent the interest of any particular operator or aircraft owner. We represent the interest of our clients in the marketplace.

  • Can I choose a different size aircraft on a per-trip basis without penalty?

    Yes. Absolutely.

  • Can I book two or three aircraft simultaneously?

    Yes. Absolutely.

  • Do I have to pay additional for fuel surcharges?

    Only if we use an operator that charges fuel surcharges. Nowadays, fuel surcharges are very rare and should not be charged by any operators.

  • How far in advance do I need to book my flight?

    Ideally, a month in advance will help us take care of every little detail. But we’ll also arrange a private jet for you with 24 hours or even less.

  • Do I have to be on the jet to charter a flight?

    No, you do not.

  • What is the benefit of your jet card vs. fixed hourly jet cards or fractional cards?

    Significant cost savings, more flexibility, and far less commitments and fees.

  • Are there any initiation fees, monthly fees, annual fees, membership cancellation fees, or expiration costs?

    No. None.

+1-877-727-2538 24/7