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Paramount Business Jets move freight fast. Very fast. We respond, rather than react, to the needs of time-sensitive cargo plane charter requests, such as flying Coronavirus Test Kits in dry ice to and from destinations, worldwide as well as Coronavirus PPE and medical supplies, ensuring a speedy transfer of your precious cargo to where it needs to be. We are committed to solving the global challenges we face and our clients’ immediate logistics needs.

With access to over 15,000 aircraft, from small jets to large cargo aircraft, we have the fleet capability and the back-up support of a team of highly-trained professional air charter personnel – both in-air and on the ground – to transport you from any location to any location, international airport to smaller licensed airfield (subject only to the capabilities and safety of the landing strip).

We offer our services to a broad clientele across the globe, from regular cargo jet charter flight drops to urgent supply-chain requirements, and with many years’ experience, we are extremely well-placed to service any industry requirement.

We provide dedicated support through your own private aviation consultant who looks after not only everything on board your cargo charter but also the ground transportation, loading, catering, and any other special requirements you may have.

We fly directly to your destination. There is no dropping off other clients’ cargo on the way. No transfers mid-way through the journey. It’s a 100% point-to-point flight and delivery service.

It’s as simple and transparent as that.

Tailored Cargo Charter Flight Services

  • Cargo and freight flights, including relief and humanitarian
  • Response to your urgent cargo transportation needs
  • Supplemental and relief air support for existing cargo and freight services
  • National and international remote destination services
  • International freight and cargo transport
  • Air courier services
  • Bulky, secure, and/or hazardous freight

Benefits of Cargo Plane Rental Service

  • Your own dedicated private aviation consultant to look after the all details relating to your flight
  • A choice of aircraft of all sizes and configurations, specifically configured for diplomatic usage
  • Exclusive, private use of your aircraft
  • Full ground management as per your requirements
  • Schedules and timings as specified by you
  • Private, discreet check-in facilities
  • On-board services as per your requirements

Cargo Jet Aircraft Prices and Rates

With access to thousands of private jet aircraft worldwide, depending on your specific needs, we are able to offer you more cost-effective cargo charter rates by making use of private jets in addition to traditional cargo jet aircraft for transporting your goods and precious cargo. We make use of floating fleets, empty legs, and industry know-how to deliver to you the smartest and most ideal aircraft for all your cargo jet charter needs.

List of Popular Aircraft used for Cargo Jet Charters with Hourly Rental Rates and Prices

Turboprop Aircraft

Turboprop Airliners

Jet Aircraft

Need to move medical personnel or staff?

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