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Why Charter a VIP Airliner?

There is nothing like traveling on a spacious, private, VIP airliner. People choose VIP flights for a variety of reasons, from business to personal. With all the luxuries and amenities available on VIP flights, you will forget you are even in the air! Not only can these planes accommodate everything you could think of, but they are also designed with the most advanced engineering techniques. This includes an improvement in sound-proofing, range, and infrastructure.

Chartering a VIP airliner is becoming a much more common private jet charter option. Below are just some reasons people may book a VIP airliner charter with Paramount Business Jets.

Benefits of Chartering VIP Airliners

  • Numerous luxury amenities
  • Variety of the available VIP aircraft
  • Highest safety level
  • Executive seats
  • Bedroom suites
  • Bathrooms with walk-in showers
  • Full bar and dining areas
  • Custom inflight catering and services
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Maximized comfort on extensive tours
  • Possibility to rest comfortably en-route
  • Meeting time-sensitive itineraries
  • Long-range trip within a short period of time
  • Video and DVD systems for in-flight entertainment
  • Conference facility for presentations and press conferences

Major Events

Flying VIP is perfect for a group attending a major event, such as the Olympics or World Cup. With the speed and comfort available to you on a private flight, you can reach your destination in record time. When you charter a VIP airliner with Paramount Business Jets, you will have access to all the facilities you need to stay comfortable in the air – spacious seating areas, comfortable bathrooms with showers, or a full kitchen and bar.

Sports Teams

VIP airliners are perfect for transporting sports teams to major tournaments. A private flight can ensure athletes are prepared for a major game. With VIP air charter flights, sports teams have space to relax and unwind before their performance. Catering can also be customized to fit the nutritional requirements of each player to ensure they are fueled for the challenge ahead.

Destination weddings

Flying on a VIP charter can be the perfect way to start a wedding extravaganza. Get the party started early when you and your wedding guests travel to your destination in style. A VIP flight can ensure the space and privacy necessary to kick off your destination wedding with your best friends and family. Whether you’re getting married in Paris or on a remote island, enjoy a comfortable and customized trip to your big day.

Corporate groups

Whether your entire company is traveling to a convention or you are taking a select team to conduct an international sale, VIP airliners address all your business travel needs. Conduct meetings and business as usual while in the air, so you and your employees never miss a lead while in transit. There is also ample lounge space for everyone to relax and prepare their sales pitch or presentations before arriving.

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