Private Jet Safety

Safety is first, always. At Paramount Business Jets, we are known for our industry-leading private jet safety standards. Comprehensive internal screening, rigorous third-party safety checks, and strict certification procedures help us deliver the safest private aviation experience imaginable.

What Our Rigorous Safety Standards Mean to You

  • No Compromises on Safety

    Safety is at the very core of our beliefs and actions. We know that to keep our safety records impeccable, we can never compromise on it. That’s why we screen the operator, aircraft, and crew before every single flight, every single time. We remain consistent in our safety practices.

  • High Demands from our Partners

    We hold our partners to incredibly high standards. So high, in fact, that to become part of our preferred global network, only 27% of the providers meet the requirements. Our certified operators, crews, and airports comply with the FAA and DoT protocols – they exceed these regulations and boast a flawless safety history.

  • Flying Only with the Most Experienced Pilots

    Requiring minimum two FAA-certified, ATP-rated pilots on every flight, we apply strict vetting procedures to verify their credentials, insurance, and operation certificates. The minimum experience we require from pilots is significantly higher than the industry standard and, for us, it must include certified hours flying the specific aircraft type.

  • Full Transparency

    Because we deliver fully ethical services and make all processes transparent, you’ll be given access to your safety report prior to your trip. Should anything fail to meet our standards, we’ll notify you immediately and explain what exactly evoked our doubts. We’ll offer you a suitable back-up private jet charter alternative, recommending other options while leaving room for your decisions.

Our Trusted Partners

  • Member of: ARGUS

    We’re a proud member of the Aviation Research Group – United States (ARGUS), a leading independent provider of third-party safety analysis for the general aviation industry. Together, we employ a rigorous auditing process that leaves no detail unchecked.

    In addition to our own comprehensive safety checks, we use the TripCHEQ system created by ARGUS. It is known as the most detailed analysis program available. For any non-ARGUS operators, we use our similar program, based closely on TripCHEQ.

    See a sample ARG/US TripCHEQ safety report here.

  • Member of:

    Paramount Business Jets has also become a WYVERN-registered member. Founded in 1991, WYVERN is a globally recognized business aviation audit company. With a modern aviation safety intelligence database and an innovative team of experienced experts, WYVERN has grown into one of the top aviation service providers.

    Thanks to the advanced safety risk management software and highly experienced auditors, WYVERN critically assesses the operators’ management system related to safety risk management, pilot competency, aircraft technician competency, aircraft airworthiness, human factors, and organizational culture.

    Partnering with the top aviation organizations, we rely on even more rigorous procedures. For your safety.

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We Take Safety to a Higher Level

  • Runway Length and Weather Reporting Rules

    Operators who cannot perform on-demand operations EOD must land at an airport with weather reporting and be able to stop within 60% of a dry runway. Operators approved for EOD operations can land on a runway using 80% of its length, and under specific conditions, they can land at airports without approved weather. These rules change accordingly in the case of a wet or contaminated runway.

  • Full Team of Management Personnel

    To be sure that all aspects of flight organization are properly managed, Part 135 operators must provide a full team of management personnel, including a Chief Pilot, Director of Operations, and Director of Maintenance. They are required to follow an established chain of command and authority where the pilot in command always maintains the final operational authority once the flight is dispatched.

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

    FAR 135 imposes various methods of alcohol and drug testing on every employee, with no exceptions. The testing comes in different forms of screening and checks, from pre-employment testing, periodic testing, to random testing and post-accident testing, testing based on reasonable cause and follow-up testing.

  • Pilot Records Improvement Act

    In addition to undergoing intense initial and recurrent training as well as being subject to strict crew rest rules, pilots have their past safety records verified. As per Part 135, their training, experience, qualifications, and safety background are assessed before they can become a pilot at their hiring air carrier or operator.

On Paramount Business Jets private jet charter, the highest level of safety is guaranteed. We would rather keep you grounded than let you fly without being sure. Enjoy the comfort of not having to worry about safety.

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